Introduction and Storyline

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

Star Wars - Balancing Act

Deep within the Unknown Regions lies a thriving Republic, the Remsian Republic, who lived through most Galactic Conflicts unscathed. For nearly 300 years the Republic has prospered, a safe haven on the outer edge of the galaxy, free from the conflict that had raged throughout the known worlds. Supported by a Force Order known as the Templars of Twilight, based on the living planet of Zonama Sekot, the Republic has grown and built itself to be a defended haven for those uprooted by war and strife. From trade to bring jobs, to a Military built to defend their lives.

The Templars however, are secretive, their existence known to the Republic, as their guardians, and protectors. But to the greater galaxy, they remain in anonymity, working behind the scenes. Acting as Tactical Generals, well knowledgeable delegates, or simply using the front of unaligned force users in their actions of the galaxy proper. This secretive nature is contagious, as the Republic itself remains quiet to the galaxy, operating only in trade, never in arms.

But this is not always the fact, twice now the Republic has been forced to move into the galaxy, to defend itself from the very reasons it was formed. War. In 100 ABY the Bothan-Tapani Alliance declared war on the Republic, a war that the Tapani and Bothans lost. And in the Sith-Imperial War the Republic was forced to engage the Sith Empire twice, in order to defend its borders. But in the end, this secretive and separate nature, lead to a larger crisis.

135 ABY

This is all because of a Sith Lord known as Darth Insipid, long an enemy of the Republic and their Templar defenders, despite their secrecy. Using an alliance of Unknown Region forces formerly part of the Empire of the Hand, Insipid organizes an Imperium, an Unknown Regions Sith Empire. Using these allies, and these Resources he collects a force of 500 ships. These ships were horribly outdated and outclassed by the Remsian forces, composed of ships ranging from Clone Wars-era ships to the newest class Chiss Star Destroyers, which are more than 100 years old.

But Insipid, for his flaws and insanity, was a brilliant individual. Using his intimate knowledge of the Republic, the Imperium ships surrounded the Republic, with a Vanguard arriving unannounced on the door step of the Republics capital, Remsi Prime. Outflanked and outnumbered, and left with no other choice, the Remsian Republic, under Chancellor Martyn Pathfinder and the Templars under the newly elected Kev-Mas Colcha II and Vincent Mikaru II as Kage Umbris and Luminis of the Templars, negotiate a Peace Treaty with Insipid's Sith Imperium.

The treaty was signed, assigning the Remsian Republic a Sith Governor, and the Sith Imperium a Republic Governor. But the peace was an uneasy one, with neither side fully trusting the other, despite the actions of individuals in both sides working to further the peace. And individuals on both sides continue to wonder, what Insipid's true purpose is.

Meanwhile, untouched by the Galactic Conflict whatsoever, the Guardians of Light, a secret Jedi Order trains in peace on Saridona Prime, a planet in the Unknown Regions left off most Galactic Maps, not too far from the Remsian Republic. These Jedi can feel the tremors in the force from the conflict between the Remsian Republic and Sith Imperium. Not knowing what it is, these Jedi, led by newly elected Grandmaster Krevix Mazinn send a scout team to investigate, and are in for a big surprise.